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Volkswagen Advertisement
William Bernbach (American g …
1960 (creation)
Accession Number 69475
Call Number gCxUS B361c V65a01
Order Title Graphic Design, Levenson, B. Bill Bernbach's Book, 1987
Work Types Information Forms, packaging, Art, paintings (visual works), Graphic Design, Advertisements, Information Forms, corporation reports
Sex Pistols Album Cover
Jamie Reid (British graphic …
United States
1977 (creation)
Accession Number 70530
Call Number gGxEN R235c S49a01
Order Title Graphic Design, Martha Scotford
Work Types Information Forms, packaging
AIGA Poster for Sagmeister L …
Stefan Sagmeister (Austrian …
1999 (creation)
Accession Number 70357
Call Number gGxAW S023d A35a01
Order Title Graphic Design, Hall, Peter. Sagmeister: Made You Look, Booth-Clibborn Editions, 2001
Work Types Information Forms, posters
1-3 of 3